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New cats!

I finally got my own cats! Checkout Bagheera and Leon!

Bagheera and young LeonI love these two!Looking off into the distance!

Rijik & Stesha Pro

Finally got someone with professional camera to take pictures of Rijik & Stesha on NYE. Enjoy.

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More Rijik and Stesha photos

Bringing life back into the "Rijik" series are more photos of my pussies. To recap: Rijik is the white male cat, and Stesha is the fatty colored female cat.

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Rijik is evil!

Undeniable proof that my cat is evil (to strangers, mostly).

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Rijik and Stesha playing with catnip

As promised, here is the first post in the "Rijik" series.  First up is a recent photo of my cat Rijik (the white one), and his neutered fat girlfriend/wife Stesha.  They are just hanging out on my carpet after rubbing their faces in a bunch of catnip.  Enjoy!

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